The act of innovating for the sake of it, or introducing something as new even if it’s not. See also, innurbator – a person who perceives themselves as innovative by calling attention to other peoples’ creativity and inventions.

Back online

I don’t get a lot of traffic or readers, but if you’re one of them and were wondering where things were, I’m back with a dull explanation. I upgraded my hosting package about a month ago. They migrated everything to a new server, but it was up to me to reboot it and get it up and running again.

I jotted down some ideas for things to post about and hope to have something new coming soon.

Maria Bamford

Last night I went to see Maria Bamford with a couple friends. She performed at Cobb’s Comedy Club in North Beach. Before the show we had dinner at Kennedy’s, an Irish-Indian restaurant. It was mostly Indian.

It was also game 7 of the World Series and many of the San Francisco bars were packed, especially the Irish-ish ones. The Giants beat the Kansas City Royals 3-2 after a couple of high scoring games for both sides.

The show was decent. The two opening acts didn’t do much for me. The first one stuck to her script. She was heavy, so of course she did something about food and her size. I did like her joke that here in California, she’s fat. In the south she looks like she can cook. The other comic took a while to warm up, but did get some laughs out of me toward the end of her set.

Maria Bamford did all new stuff. She’s definitely better on a smaller stage in a club setting. I watched a clip of her on Conan O’Brien and it was awkward.

If I could be any rock star

If I could be any rock star in any place and time, it would have to be Michael Anthony of Van Halen. He was a member of (at least at one moment in time) the biggest god damn band in the whole wide world, fucking-eh. All he really had to do was show up and count to four.


I know it might seem like there are more compelling choices, but think about it. I’m not talking about singers, or songwriters, or musical stylists. I’m saying ROCK STAR. That means, chicks, and money, and cars, and…well you get the picture. He got all that, and then some. And yet, unlike the rest of his bandmates – Eddie, Alex, and especially David LEE Roth – he could walk amongst us completely unnoticed, because he looks more like a Van Halen fan than a member of the band. He doesn’t even look like a roadie.

It must have been awesome to be him. He could have a few beers and a smoke in the parking lot of the Houston Astrodome with some buds. Then it’s showtime. I do wonder if he ever had a hard time getting back stage.


Harry Nilsson

I watched the 2006 documentary Who is Harry Nilsson…(And Why is Everybody Talkin’ About Him)? over the weekend. I’m a sucker for rock documentaries, so I can’t objectively say whether this was all that good. If I learn something I didn’t already know about an artist or band, then I figure it was worth watching.

Nilsson sounds like he really did things his own way, even if it meant bigger success would elude him. He also had a reputation for partying, but not in the jerky rock star mode. More like a guy everyone wanted to hang out with.

You can see this movie on Netflix.

Hiking the ridge

I went for a five and a half mile hike by myself at Pleasanton Ridge. There was hardly anyone out there, I assume because of the 49ers game. It was nice to have the trails mostly to myself, though it did occur to me that I’d be up a creek if I feel or something.

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Awning installed

The ShadyBoy arrived and I installed as soon as I got home from work.

Installation was straightforward, but the thing about drilling holes in sheet metal, you better be right the first time.

The nice thing about this model is it’s compact, about 4″ wide in the casing. Opened up its as wide as the Westy is long and deep. It can be cantilevered or supported in wind. How it holds up in blustery rain will be the real proof.


A person who is all ideas and no implementation. The acronym TED stands for Totally Enthralling Demagogue. TEDs are good at describing idealistic future scenarios unencumbered by minor details of execution.

A TED can also be anyone who speaks in public using a headset.


I ordered an awning for the Westy yesterday. It’s a really obscure brand called ShadyBoy. Let’s hope the product doesn’t live up to the name. It’s a shorter, encased awning similar to the more expensive Fiammas.

I learned about the ShadyBoy from a guy at The BusLab who had his Westy in for follow up work on a Subaru engine conversion. He wanted his back in time to get up to Burning Man – which, last time I heard was getting rained out.

I first read about Burning Man in Wired magazine in 1992. Both came into prominence about the same time and both seemed really interesting then. Now, it just seems like one big nude beach – a place that sounds titilating, but is actually full of people you don’t want to see naked. I love how people still talk about it like it’s some obscure event. The first one was a couple hundred people. These days, they’re expecting 50,000 plus.

Burning Man is a relic of San Francisco’s weird Mondo 2000 phase. The time after hippies and right before the tech bubble. Do a Google image search on Burning Man and you might think you’ve found outtakes from a Star Wars trilogy, or worse, live reenactments from “Heavy Metal” magazine.

For those who go, I’m sure it’s fun. To each his own I guess, which is part of why I like living out here.