Point Reyes Drive

Stinson Beach

We took a little drive up to Marin County yesterday. We needed to do some exploring. We went up 580 and over the Richmond bridge and came down through Point Reyes. It was raining most of the way, but it stopped and the sun peeked out when we got to Stinson Beach.

We finished the drive taking Highway 1 down through the city and grabbed dinner at Mel’s diner on Lombard. Originally, I just wanted to stop somewhere for coffee and pie. I checked on the Super Bowl and realized there was no need to hurry home.

We drove through some beautiful terrain that reminded me of Ireland, but not as green and wider roads. Signs of the drought are everywhere. The Nicasio Reservoir was so low, you could see an old road that must have been there before they dammed it up. The inclement weather and Super Bowl meant the roads weren’t crowded.

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Cutting the cord

Step Brothers enjoying "Step Brothers"

I thought about cutting cable and starting fresh with our recent move. Not so easy. First, I switched to the other guys for broadband (not interested in giving free pub). I only wanted Internet, but couldn’t find a fast enough package that didn’t include television, so I took it anyhow. Meantime, the hard part of giving up cable isn’t TV withdrawal, but a whole new set of issues I didn’t anticipate.

I bought an Apple TV, but it doesn’t get Amazon Video. I have to use a Playstation with its obnoxious controller to watch things like “Alpha House”. The Apple TV is pretty cool, watching movings from the iTunes store comes with a 20-40 minute download penalty while Amazon streams, but can choke on buffering.

I know, this sounds like First World Problems, but on-demand all the time is a pain in the ass. The beauty of TV is you plunk down on the couch, turn it on and someone else does the driving. The paradox of choice just makes me anxious and I revert back to a steady stream of infomercials.

Nothing is more frustrating than paying 3 bucks for a TV show episode, only to find it for free on one of the 50 different online media services.

Lastly, everybody pretty much has the same selection of shit movies. Sure, I can pay $14 for some recent stuff, but when you’re already paying $9 here and $70 bucks there, you’d like to see some decent selection. I’m in luck if I want to see “Step Brothers” because it’s always on Netflix, Amazon, and Comedy Central.



I have to admit, I never really cared for Phillip Seymour Hoffman, unless of course, you’re talking about his role in “The Big Lebowski.” He died Saturday night, and it came as no surprise to me. I said he joined the “Mile Away Club”. That’s for celebrities whose drug-related death comes as no surprise. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but he practically bragged about his impending end.

My kids knew who he was from the “Hunger Games”. My son said “uh-oh”, because he evidently was a crucial character.

Made it


After four days of driving, we made it to our destination with daylight to burn. The weather along the way was perfect and traffic was light. The higher speed limits made a gig difference. I had the cruise control set around 80-ish most of the way.

Going away soiree


We have the best friends in the world. 100 plus friends braved the elements to send us off at the Moose Lodge.

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How Much Should College Athletes Get Paid? – Businessweek


It’s all but inevitable that athletes will start getting paid—the only questions are how and how much. In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of ideas floated, from the introduction of small stipends to the creation of a tightly regulated intercollegiate system with strict salary caps. But there’s another possibility: The best plan might very well be no plan at all. Or, if you prefer, it’s a plan called the free market.

It’s really hard to watch the cost of college skyrocket past everyone else’s reach to even entertain the idea of paying athletes in addition to scholarships. But I think there is some sense to it if done correctly.

I love college sports, but schools should just get out of the sports business. Don’t dump it, just outsource it…

  • Schools could sell the rights to their names to the highest bidders
  • Use the money from royalties for academics
  • Free market solution, let fans, sponsors, etc. pay the salaries through tickets and endorsements
  • Hire the best athletes, and if they want to go to your school charge them tuition

I’d rather see kids who want to go to college for and education and open up resources that are being wasted by athletes who are there only to play sports.

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